Applied Chemistry and Applied Biology

The Department of Applied Chemistry and Applied Biology is the largest of the college of Sciences. The department offers undergraduate programs of study leading to a Bachelor of Science in applied chemistry and applied biology. The curriculum in each of the degree programs provides a strong theoretical foundation balanced with practical applications. The Department also encourages all students to use critical thinking as a part of the scientific process.

The  Applied Chemistry and Applied Biology faculty are committed to the development of all of our students. With an average student to faculty ratio of less than 20:1, each student receives the type of personal attention possible only at a department of this size. In most years, all courses are taught by full-time faculty members with Ph.D. degrees in their field of expereice. Faculty also teach most of the lab Sections. Each student is assigned an academic advisor from the department faculty to guide the student in his/her personal course of study. In addition to their commitment to teaching, our faculty have a wide range of expertise in their areas of research

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