Applied Biology Lab

The laboratory is the backbone of Applied Biology specialization.  Since its establishment in 2013, there has been a great development in the laboratories equipment, devices and tools. These laboratories serve all the scientific courses including Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology , Animal Biology, Biochemistry and  Light Microscopic preparations.

Applied Biology has two laboratories: Applied Biology Lab 1  and Applied Biology Lab 2

Lab supervisor: Arwa Mujahed

Lab Capacity: 12- 15 students

The laboratories courses taught are:

General Biology labs:

General biology lab 1

General biology lab 2

Specialized Biology labs:


Molecular biology lab

Molecular diagnostics lab

Plant biology lab

Animal biology lab

Light Microscopic Preparations

Devices that are available at these labs:

·    Laboratory drying oven

·    Autoclave

·    Micro-centrifuge

·    Safety cabinet class II

·    PCR Thermo-cycler

·    Electrophoresis set

·    UV documentation system

·    Bacterial growth incubator

·    Shaker

·    UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

·    Refrigerator (-20c and 4c)

·    Compound light microscopes

·    Microscope station

·    Vortex mixers

·    Hotplate and magnetic stirrers

·    Micropipettes and tips

·    Balances (Analytical and Digital)

·    Incubator Shaker

·    Ice Maker Machine

·    Water Distiller

·    PH Meter

There are also many tools, chemical materials, chemical solutions and other materials  in addition to  samples of all the experiments done in the general and specialized laboratories and are important for work on the lab devices


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