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Chemistry Labs

Our academic plan is distinguished from others for the plenty of practical courses in different fields of research and applied chemistry. Each of these courses are taugh three hours a week during the academic semester, working especially on designed experiments that go with the international standards in terms of modernity and safety, enabling students to refine their theoretical knowledge and its practical applications. Furthermore, giving students the opportunity to perform research projects in different areas such as natural products, industrial chemistry and others. This research is carried out as students’ projects for graduation or as partial projects funded by external sources outside the country.


In order to teach the practical courses and implement the above projects, the college provides and equips the labs with all necessary safety standards and latest chemical and analytical laboratory equipment including:

1.     General Chemistry Laboratory:

To teach general chemistry laboratories for applied chemistry students and students from other disciplines of the College of Applied Science in addition to the College of Engineering and Technology, College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering, and College of Medicin and Health Sc .

2.     Three Specialized Chemistry Labs:

Used to teach specialized and practical courses,and  perform graduation projects and other practical and research projects. It is worth mentioning that these laboratories contain all the modern tools and devices needed to equip students with a variety of necessary skills and abilities to make them the most capable to compete in the labor market.

Probably, the most important devices of these are:

HPLC, LPLC (Ion exchange, silica gel and Sephadex), Double Beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Single Beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer, IR spectrophotometer and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.

High Performance Liquid Chromatpgraphy (HPLC)

Low Pressure Liquid Chromatography (LPLC)

Double Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer 

Moreover, there are many other traditional instruments and modern laboratory tools such as:

Conductivity meters, pH meters, rotary evaporators, refractometers, polarimeters, analytical balances, digital viscometer, homogenizer, ice machines, distillers, ion exchangers, deep vacuum pumps, …..

Rotary Evaporator 



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