Vision, mission and goals


 To be a center of excellence and entrepreneurship in university teaching, research and community service in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics.


Prepare graduates who are well-versed in natural sciences and mathematics, as well as believers in quality, entrepreneurship, research methods and ethics. These graduates will be able to respond to society's needs in these fields and be both locally engaged and globally competitive.


  1. Provide the local community with scientifically qualified graduates in basic and applied natural sciences fields.
  2. Cooperate with other university colleges and provide them with various science courses as well as establish joint research projects and units.
  3. Cooperate with local and international universities and research centers to support postgraduate studies and scientific research in the college.
  4. Serve the local community and its various institutions by providing scientific consultations within the college's specializations and finding appropriate solutions.
  5. Provide chemical, biological, physical and statistical analysis services for local and regional industrial and research institutions.
  6. Improve the administrative and academic level of the university by participating in the various university committees and making relevant suggestions.
  7. Encourage a scientific mindset in the interpretation, discussion, and dialogue of phenomena.
  8. Promote teamwork by involving students in laboratory work or joint scientific research.
  9. Promote core values, good behavior, and respect for educational institutions among students.
  10. Reduce unemployment by strengthening the relationship with the local community as well as enhancing college graduates by qualifying them with distinguished scientific and practical knowledge that boosts their confidence scientifically, technically and professionally.


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