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Dean's Message

During the current academic year, I have had the opportunity to interact more closely with faculty and students in our College of Applied Sciences (CAS) and was very impressed by what they have for learning, innovation and problem solving. The dedication of our hard-working staff in keeping the college running efficiently in collegial and team-working manner and the scope of engagement of our local community in the learning process are all get noticed.  

In its path of transition to become a pioneering college for applied sciences in Palestine, CAS has progressed on all fronts including the adoption of innovative learning methodologies and research directed towards community services and managed to be one of the top colleges in leading student research and graduation projects. This would not have happened without the devotion and commitments of the administrative and academic staff and their pivotal roles that will help CAS succeed in achieving its strategic objectives.

Future plans:

We have a great foundation on which to build future success in the college. As a Dean for CAS, I will continue to reach out to our staff as we work together to build and shape the future of our college. I will work with CAS staff in transforming the College to achieve its full potential as a vibrant and diverse scientific and educational applied college in Palestine. The number of student enrollment has significantly increased in the last academic year, a clear indication of the local community appreciation of the college role in transferring innovative education to our students. I will focus on the following strategic plans during my term as a Dean for CAS:

  1. Building a stronger sense of community in the college, increasing staff involvement and team working and student-teacher interactions.
  2. Improving our current academic programs—in part by introducing new modes of teaching and learning, updating curricula, providing more and better career information and advising, and increasing the number of scholarships available, among other things.
  3. Introducing new academic programs to meet the increasing demand in the labor market for health and family oriented programs.
  4. Increasing local community interaction with the College, encouraging program advisory committees that allow industry involvement in the learning process in the college.
  5. Enabling and encouraging more students and staff to participate in short & long-term study abroad, and other international academic experiences.
  6. Enhancing opportunities for our undergraduate students through educational and curricular improvements. 
  7. Increasing the number of research grants and scientific research in the college.

I invite all faculty members to participate and take their part in this work to advance our college and enable it to achieve its strategic goals so it becomes a leading college for applied sciences in Palestine.


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