Education Program

Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) has its own accurate vision on its unique programs, which aims to develop Palestinian society according to the society needs, through clear mission, and on the light of Palestinian Accreditation   Unit (and Quality Assurance Unit). PPU grant, bachelor's degree in: Engineering and Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics and administrative sciences, information systems, information technology, these graduated students can applying to many disciplines to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in order to work in the schools, especially secondary schools.

Based on the ministry's strategy to establish programs to prepare teachers for the need urgent to specialized teachers and qualified, especially at the secondary level, and in line with this trend and the desire to help graduates who wish to work in Education, and to find jobs for them, the University has prepared the following plan to offer a diploma for educational rehabilitation program, which is located under the following general headings: the Science, mathematics, and technology, which includes disciplines: engineering, information technology and any other disciplines. The science includes physics, biology, chemistry and other scientific disciplines. The students enrolled in bachelor's degree in education program start from the fifth semester.

Target students:

The University annually receives over 1000 students in the disciplines of science, technology and mathematics. It is expected that 200 students at the least join this education program at the beginning of the fifth semester of study and about 80 students are expected to graduate every year.

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