General goals of specialization:

1. To prepare highly-qualified teachers according to the strategy of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

2. To be in harmony with the university quality and quanity requirements relating to the preparation of school teachers.

3. To contribute to solving the problem of the decline in the scientific level of the students resulting from weakness in teaching methodology in science and technology  these days.

4. To strengthen the relationship and connection between the graduates of the College of Applied Sciences and local labor market, thereby increasing employment opportunities for these graduates.

5. To fill the gap in the number of teachers at the secondary level programs, as indicated in the strategy of the Ministry for the preparation and training of teachers in Palestine.

6. To raise awareness among workers at the university with respect to the educational needs of the College graduates.

7. To contribute to the development of educational rehabilitation programs in Palestine.

8. to have a closer relationship and interaction between the college and the university on the one hand and schooling on the other hand.

9. To improve and develop  the outcomes of the learning process at this university in the field of education, so that it can be reflected on raising students' performance at schools.


 Specific objectives of the program:

 1. To graduate distiguished and qulified teachers in conformity to the appropriate education rules both in form and content.

 2. To provide university graduates in the disciplines of science, mathematics and technology with methods, knowledge, skills and educational trends theory, theoritical and practical to enable them  to teach the seconday grades effictively, and this will be done through:

a. To successfully complete their courses in the basic educational areas according to the education program plan.

b. To give these students real opportunities for practical training in schools.

c. To develop the tendencies and the attitudes  of students  towards the teaching of the subjects of physics, mathematics and technology in secondary schools, through interacting directly with the appropriate teaching environment for these subjects.

 3. To provide the university graduates in the disciplines mentioned  with the appropriate basic educational qualification according to the strategy of the Ministry in this area, thus enabling those who wish to have a chance in the future to increase their professional development in this area by participating in further academic study courses and research related.

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