Applied Biology

Applied Biology Program Overview :
The applied biology program was launched in 2013. It is considered one of the most important pillars of the college of applied sciences. The program host, till now (2016),  almost one hundred students, highly qualified faculty members and lab technician.  It aims to  apply the  biological knowledge to help solving the society problems. Improvement of living conditions form the point of view of health, environment and food safety and quality are stemmed the priorities of the program. In addition, the program possesses the ability to guide industries towards development and competition in the marketplace. The aforementioned achievements are assisted by the aids of  biotechnology in agricultural crop plants, improvement of animal meat and milk production, medicinal compound production by genetically modified organisms, and the use of living microorganisms such as in preserving the environment through wastewater treatment technologies and waste management. A part of that, the program in its research attribute to participate in solving international problems such as the green house effect, the newly emerged diseases etc.
The Applied Biology program is considered unique in Palestinian higher education, as it differs from existing traditional biology programs by focusing on the practical side to be applied in various areas and not on the traditional theoretical study. The graduates  of a new generation, from this specialization, are capable of dealing with modern technologies and contributing to the welfare of society by applying the latest scientific achievements in the areas of life sciences in various fields of health, agriculture, industry and knowledge.
Applied biology laboratories:
The college of applied sciences – applied biology program, emphasis deeply on  the practical courses. This pertains to laboratories and their  furniture  with the up-to-date equipments and apparatuses based on national and international standards. The applied biology laboratories are considered the backbone and skeleton for this program. Therefore, those laboratories are highly developed and improved since their establishment  in 2013. The laboratories provide the facilities to serve courses that mainly dependent on laboratories and other courses that, in part, depend on the labs such as the courses that are designed as problem based courses and community based leaning courses.  On other hand, they are well established to lunch research program. This is because the laboratories are  equipped by wide variety of  tools, chemicals, solutions, models, flow charts,  manuals, equipments minuses, glassware etc. which needed for carrying out the experiments and research. Furthermore, the laboratories possess a first-aids- cabinet and worker safety manual.
 The message of the Applied Biology program is on providing graduates capable of transferring and executing the latest applied biology technologies and participate in the development of the Palestinian society and its institutions in the fields of medicine, agriculture and industry.


Employment Opportunities for Graduates
1.      Ministries of education,  Health, Agriculture, Environment, and Water authorities and molecular diagnostic laboratories.
2.      Food technology and pharmaceutical industries
3.      Chemical industries and other industries using biotechnology.
4.      Treatment and recycling of liquid and solid wastes.
5.      Foreign institutions interested in food and agriculture, environment and conservation.
6.      Research units and centers.
7.      Education sector and institutions of higher education either local or foreign.
8.      Post-graduate studies for master's and doctoral degrees.
9.      Private business based on applied biology approaches.  

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